[Lyrics] Snow Man - Vanishing Over

I'm currently on a 22-hour-long train ride, I was bored to death then decided to write down the lyrics of latest Snow Man song that was performed last week, Vanishing Over
I loooove this song. I always had a thing for rock-ish song so yeah, I just can't help it. Especially with all the close up shoot in the perf omg. And that ending. Just. Perfect.

Well, without further ado let's proceed to the lyrics. Pardon me and do tell me if you found any mistakes.
I might want to write all the lyrics of Snow Man's songs and translate them in the future but for now, here is the lyrics.

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smoking kills

[Drabble Songfic] Our Song, Our Promise


Title: Our Song, Our Promise
Pairing/Characters: Past KoKame, Yamapi
Rating: Gen
Warnings: Wrote in a rush of moment while listening to the song, pardon for any mistakes and weird parts here and there
Word Count: 405
Notes: Songfic based on Rei Yasuda - Kimi no Uta. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdc-hqT_Unw
Challenged by a friend in facebook.
and KoKame will always be my OTP

Summary: The recent infamous news of Koki doesn't really affect Kame. Because he believes.

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smoking kills

[Birthday Fic] Bittersweet Birthday

Kinda late but here it is a fic for our birthday boy, Tanaka Juri ❤

Title : Bittersweet Birthday
Character(s) : SixTones, mention of other Johnnys.
Pairing(s) : Juri / Taiga, but nothing much, just putting the hints here and there.
Genre : Friendship, fluff, kinda angsty (?)
Rating : PG-13 but... mention of bad words and dirty jokes?

Juri was grateful for his birthday, but not really? It was sweet, but also bitter? Maybe Juri was just being over melodramatic.

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smoking kills

Overly Biased?

Just some morning thoughts, after last night watching SixTones latest shokura performance with Fuma.

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and so. When I watched this performance, I-- was overly excited. I even spammed the caps to my instastories lmao even tho no one in my cirle of friends there actually understand.
Sexy back

Akemashite Omedetou!!

Minna, akemashite omedetou!!
Happy New Year resize

Here is my last piece of drawing in 2013 :3
I've spent days to finish this LOL I'm so painfully slow
And it turned out not to be as 'masterpiece' as what I had wanted it to be, but well I did my best!!
Still not sure with the coloring and editing tho :/ LOL I'm so suck at it :v
And I suppose you notice that this is a 4nin KAT-TUN fanart, well yes.
I've decided to face the truth that can't be changed, accept things the way they are, and moved on!
I'll continue to support KAT-TUN as 4nin, once a hyphen, always a hyphen <3
And still, I give my deepest love to my beloved Koki <3<3<3
And actually I thought I'd make a Koki fanart for New Year Eve but I ended up running out of time LOL Teheee~
Happy new year 2014 everyone!!!
Hope this will be my turning point to be a better person in the future :3

[KoKame Fanfic] The Die Is Cast ~Let's Treasure This Moment

Months (or years?) have passed since I wrote this fic for the first time (in Indonesian). It took me months to translate it. Life sucks, as usual. (But well mostly because I'm such a lazybone as ever)

So well, here it is! I'm finally done with it wohoooo
Not sure when will I write the next chap tho, wwwwwwwwww

THE DIE IS CAST ~Let’s Treasure These Moments~

Author: GitaGitaGila
Character(s): KAT-TUN
Pairing(s): KoKame (Main), JunDa (Side Pairing)
Genre: Romance comedy, slightly angst and horror...? IDK -_-
Rating: PG-13 just to be safe.
Summary: Koki moved to a new apartement, everything seems fine, except the fact that the previous owner has just died last month.
Warning: Character death, boysxboys.
Disclaimer: Every character belongs to theirselves. I own nothing except the plot.

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[Orific] Kisah Tentang Kita

So. I was bored and all.
Then I looked over my files and found this.
This was my final task for my Indonesian lesson last semester :3
I was told to write a short story, and somehow it turned to something more like a Sho-Ai one-shot :/
Yup, this story is about 2 boys who are really close, but then one of them is acting so strange out of the blue. And... well it's basically about misunderstanding and jealousy LOL
Anyway, I love the way this story ends <3 Hoho all thanks to my friend, Non-san, she gives me the whole inspiration <3
Ah, I've got 90 for this story btw <3

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Sometimes I myself can't believe that I could write this kind of story :/ I'm very proud of it ^^

Good Bye Real Life, Welcome Back Fandom, And Happy Birthday Juri~ <3

Hora~ It’s been a long time, ne? Really, real life are just get in the way lately ><

I had a deathly exam for 2 weeks, that was really brain-wrecking. Gosh, I’m impressed at how  my brain still could work properly after being overused like that. At the end of the exam, I immediately borrowed my friend’s laptop (Gosh I know it’s 2013 already yet I still don’t have laptop yet -_-) to come back home to the fandom~~~ Ah, it feels so relaxing to  meet my beloved boys again, with their awesomeness and flawlessness and everything. Then in the next day I went to a Bunkasai near my place, it was a lot of fun!! I went there with more friends than usual, I have successed  in making more of my friends interested to know more about Japan, isn’t that great? XD

Anyway, all that I want to say is, my bothersome real life is finally step aside and I reaaaaaaaaally miss fandom~ It’s pretty refreshing to turn into my usual fangirl mode XD

One more thing before I end this post,
I know it’s pretty late, but like what I said, real life sucks. That’s why I only have the chance to say it now.
I really wish the best for Juri, I hope he could get the chance to be debuted soon, that’d be amazing X3 And also, get some food babe, you looks thinner each day D: I know you want to be slim, but being so thin like this isn’t good at all >< I prefer the previously chubbier Juri actually, seemed cuter and more adorable~

Making this took much longer than I thought it would, because some accidents happened. This fanart was like 97% when suddenly the damned photoshop crashed and I forgot to save yet. Gosh, 2 (almost 3) hours worth of drawing and coloring gone in a seecond DX I literally screamed then I went to the bathroom, dip my head into the water and screamed and then I clawed at the wall and everything. After a few minutes I tried to cool down my head (and I literally was, showering my head with cold water) I decided to try again.
And woo! I’m done! This one is pretty messy, hell everything I just really want it to be done today -_-
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