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12 December 2012 @ 12:12 pm
[sticky post] Introduction Post  

Though I’m not sure is there even anyone who open my journal and read my entry, I’ll write a bit about myself as an introduction post ('w')/

The very basic part is, well, my name is Gita, and I’m from Indonesia.

What should I say? Well, I’m just a normal student, there's nothing particular about me –w-;
I love reading, drawing, and... fangirling.

Yeah, that's right, I am a fangirl~!
A Jpop Fangirl~!


I’m getting very enthusiastic about this kind of thing XD

*clearing throat*
Well, I became a fangirl not long ago. In the November of 2011. 5 November 2011, to be exact.
My very first JE Boys is KAT-TUN~ XDDD
My Ichiban in KAT-TUN is Joker-sama (Tanaka Koki) and my Niban is Uepi-hime (Ueda Tatsuya) :3 Well, because they’re totally awesome~! XDDD

Joker-sama is sooo handsome, and  he’s so adorable.
He loves pet, and he loves to help everyone in trouble. Despite his scary looks, he’s actually very considerate towards everyone, especially his bandmates.
He’s perfect in and out <3
Sadly, most of people have a wrong impression of him ><
But I love him, no matter what people say <3 <3

And about Uepi-hime,
well, his adorable smile has successfully captured my heart,
and he’s the very first person I know who could be so manly and hansome yet cute, feminime and beautiful in the same time *u*
My flawless hime~ <3

Oh, I know it maybe not really related with KAT-TUN, but Tanaka Juri, Joker-sama's little brother is pretty adorable too! X3
I love when Tanaka Kyoudai together, especially when they do rap XD Sugoi~!! XDD

Ah, and, just for a note, I started liking KAT-TUN when the "A" part has leaved the group, so basically I love the 5!KAT-TUN and I should admit I dislike him.

Then I met Hey!Say!JUMP a few moths later, my junior in my school introduced them to me.
I like Dai-chan (Daiki Arioka) and Yabu-nii (Yabu Kota) there.
Well, I just like them. I just think they’re cute, not more .-.

Nah, then I met Arashi through my upperclassman, and I don’t know why but-
They’re so cool~!
And what amazed me is, how they can still be 5!Arashi even after 13 years together. Isn’t that amazing? Owo
My favourite in Arashi is Sho-chan (Sho Sakurai) and Aiba-chan (Aiba Masaki) :3
Sho’s rap is very very very impressive. He’s got a very handsome and cute face anyway :)
And I love Aiba’s cute voice. I don’t know why but everytime I saw Aiba, he always looked like having a cute cat’s ears X3 So cute~
But unfortunately, I still don’t really know much about them -_-;;

And, when I watched Maru(Nakamaru Yuichi)’s drama, "Rescue; Tokubetsu Kodo Kyujotai",
I fell in love with Masuda Takahisa~ He’s a member of NEWS and TegoMass~
And ah, Tegoshi Yuuya, his bandmate, is cute too :3

Well, I’m still a freshman in JE fangirl’s world, so I just know only a few of them –w-;;

Even though I started to know about the other JE Boys as the time passed, but still,

I’m  highly doubting that my Ichiban will ever change ^=^


My OTP is KoKame, that's obvious.
and I love the love triangle between MaruDa and JunDa XD

But,well, basically I'm a Koki-centric and Ueda-centric, so every pair of them would be fine! XDD
And, of course, I'm really glad lately KoDa started to show up too~ XDDD

Ah, I know I barely ever write anything in my journal, but, I love reading and commenting! ^=^
I would really pleased if you want me to be your friend.
Yoroshiku~ *bows*

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(Deleted comment)
GitaGitaGilagitagitagila on June 7th, 2012 07:02 am (UTC)
Wow. You sure wrote a lot, Rise-san XD
But that doesn't matter, hope we can be friend :)

Your sister introduced you "Precious One?" Is she a hypen too? XD

Yeah, I also love Junno's smile XD
He always smiling no matter what, and yes, I was pretty shocked too when I know about his legs ;_;
He's always doing great acrobat, I know that's his speciality, but- Is his legs will be okay with all those moves? Oh, Junno~ ;_;

Uepi is always being such a cute brat~ X3 And, well, yeah, he sure is lazy XD

Unh unh. Joker-sama is very very lovable <3
And I always love the way he worry too much of his bandmates~ That's sure make my fujo-side screaming out loud :B

Yeah I know JunDa is cute XD
The dorky Junno plus the clumsy Uepi~ <3

Well, I also actually don't really mind about having Jin fans as friend, but-
I kind of hate it when my friend (Jin's fans) in FB tagged me in Jin's photos, A LOT DX

Ohno and Jun? That's my sister's ichiban~! XDDDD
And yeah~ Massu is so cute~~ X3

After all, I hope we can be a good friend, Rise-san :3
(Deleted comment)
GitaGitaGila: uepi himegitagitagila on June 7th, 2012 01:39 pm (UTC)
Ahh.. But his movement is still as awesome as always, right? He really doesn't seem like having an injury at all. In every performances, Junno always smiling and doing hyper things, right? That's why I'm so shocked to hear that. Poor Junno T=T

Ah, may I add you in FB? :3
(Deleted comment)
GitaGitaGilagitagitagila on June 7th, 2012 02:10 pm (UTC)
Yeah~ Junno is such a sweetheart~ ;_;

Okay, I'll give you a message after this XD
oorlewendeoorlewende on June 29th, 2012 08:19 pm (UTC)
After I got your comment I read on your LJ and you seem to be a really nice person plus we got some in common ;) Koki is my ichiban too~ I really love him and he IS perfect in any kind of way tho I have to say no one can be perfect but still in my eyes he IS ;)
I'd love to know more about you and i guess this little comment didn't give you humm about who I am but of course I'll gladly answer any questions ^^
Just wanted to tell you that I want to add you and hope you don't mind ^^
A lot of hugs and take care ^^
GitaGitaGila: Koki-unyugitagitagila on July 2nd, 2012 04:18 pm (UTC)
Yay yay yay another Joker-sama's fans!! XD The lord must be very happy x)
Joker-sama indeed is perfect *-* I can't stop flailing over him each day <3
Ah, but when I checked on KAT-TUN's schedule, it seems like his schedule isn't much lately :( Don't you think so?
Like, every other member have something to be promoted, like Kame with his Dream Boys, YNB the Movie, Ore Ore; Junno with his Legal High; Uepi with Boys on the Run, and the upcoming 2013 Eien no 0; and Maru with his O.. omoinitemasu? Sorry I forgot the exact name...
But.. Joker-sama? Nothing so far :(
His TV Shows schedule, and his radio isn't much either.
And even in the magz photoshoot, or such, lately he only appeared in group, not on his own :(
HWAAAAAAH~~ I always feel like I'm gonna cry when I remember about it!!! >< !!

Well, I don't mind if you add my journal, I'm glad, even xD
it's okay if you want to know more about me :) Just- there're nothing really special about me though -w-;
Umm, first of all, what should I call you? :3
I've added you back~!! *hugs*
oorlewendeoorlewende on July 2nd, 2012 08:18 pm (UTC)
Hehe you can call me Mimmi ;)
and you? should I just say Gita?

About The Lord, well I've been under his spell for a pretty long time... I don't know but I just can't stop love him he's so lovable <3 x3 and yes you're right he doesn't have much to do these days I really feel for him :,C tho we have to stay strong and support him, ne? :,)
Funny you say that about yourself you see, I always try to find the little special about everyone I get in touch with so it doesn't matter to me, I want to know you as the person you are ;)
Let's start with something easy:
Where do you come from?
How long have you been listening to KAT-TUN?
Do you have a favorite song? if so, which one?
What's the best about The Lord? ;)
Well right now I can't figure out any other question but this is a start to get to know you :)

And finally Thanks for adding me back ;) * squeeze-hug*
GitaGitaGilagitagitagila on July 3rd, 2012 02:38 pm (UTC)
Yup, you can call me Gita, Mimmi-san :D

Sometimes it makes me wondering, what has he been doing lately? -_-;;
But, yeah, we should always support him :)
I really hope Joker-sama would have a drama soon~~ x}
If he does, then that means all of KAT-TUN member are staring in a drama, that'd be very great!! xD

Well, I'm from Indonesia :D
I knew KAT-TUN since 5th November 2011 (Joker-sama's birthday, LOL XD) but I just started to listening to their song since 2nd December xD
My favourite song? Well, I love every songs! XD *bricked*
Umm, I don't really think I have one. I maybe have some songs which I listen to more often than the other, but usually it changed every week xD
But most of all, I enjoy beat-up and rock songs :D Like, To The Limit, Lock On, Fall Down, Pierrot, or such. I barely listen to the ballad one xD
Umm... What's the best from Joker-sama? I guess it's just like what you said in your fic, he maybe looks like a gangster, but he's actually as sweet as honey :}
The way he concerned of the other, even to his fans, his love to pets, and such. I really love him for being such a sweetheart x}

Then, how about you?
You're from Sweden, right? xD
Since when you listening to KAT-TUN? What's your fave song? And what's the best about Joker-sama? XD #sorryIcopiedyours
Ah, what's your job?

Umm, do you have Facebook account? You could add me there, I honestly more active in FB xD
My FB acct: www.facebook.com/gitagitagila
oorlewende: DAFUCKoorlewende on July 3rd, 2012 04:27 pm (UTC)
Okey Gita-san :)

Well I'm totally with you, I hope he will soon have a new drama it would be great to see him act again :) btw I'm actually relooking at Tokkyu Tanaka 3 Go X) I just love that drama and I love his character x3

Indonesia O.O Sugoi~!!! Just wondering what language do you talk in Indonesia??
5th November O.O that's really cool X) how did you find out about KAT-TUN??
We got something more in common ;) I'm not so much for ballads either...

Well you're right about me coming from Sweden, unfortunately -.- ....
Hmm... I think i started to listento KAT-TUN right after I saw Kame's drama,
ehh... yamato nadeshiko shichi henge, heard of it? Love yourslef is the opening theme for the drama :) and I thought Kame was cute so I searched more about him and found out he was in a band (KAT-TUN) and I saw some videos and listened to some songs and then I was in love with them and it was after I saw my third video that I fell for The Lord x3 since then I've been crazy about them :)
My fave song, well I think I have to agree with you about that you love everyone and for me it depends on my mood in which song I want to hear ;)
Best about Joker-sama? hmm... I think I have to use my own words and say that what I wrote in the fic is how I see him :3
#don't worry about coping ;)
and my job? Well there I have to answer with another question... How old do you think I am? ^_^

Sure I got FB and I already have send you an friend request ;)
My name on FB is Mimmi Antonsson, jus so you know ;) Hugs~ and take care~

GitaGitaGilagitagitagila on July 5th, 2012 12:43 pm (UTC)
Ah, I just remembered, in his manual, joker-sama mentioned about how he's doing his best to do physial exercise and body building, and he said, "for a job that's waiting, working too much an the body was warned as NG ><"
I'm very curious about what he meant by "a job that's waiting." I really really hope that's a drama or a TV show!!!!!
Ah, Tokkyu Tanaka San Go? Unfortunately I haven't watch it D: My internet connection is so lame, it can't be used for downloading movies >< :(
In Indonesia, we speak Indonesian :D Indonesian is a pretty simple language, you know? It's only using alphabet (just like English) and there's no such things like Grammar (that's why my grammar is so suck xP). Try learn Indoensian, and I bet you could aster it in only less than 2 months :P
Well. mine isn't much different than yours xD I found Kame in Gokusen 2, then I found KAT-TUN XD
Or well, rather, I actually found Joker-sama's earlier. I first known him since... around August, I think? I watched My Boss My Hero and found that the guy named Tanaka Koki who acts as Manabe Kazuya is so cute!! XDDD But back then I really have no idea about KAT-TUN LOL XD
Ahahah, you mentioned Sweden so many times in your journal xD why did you say "unfortunately"? You can't find other fangirl around?
Ah, I know Yamato Nadeshiko!! I just watched that around March, that drama is so hilarious xD And I love the song, Love Yourself, the lyric is really touching xD

... *take a peek at your user info*
... ... OMG You born in 96?!! That's just one year above me!
*cough*Sorry I'm cheating -_-v*cough*
So... I guess you're still a student, eh?
... Wow. I'm amazed at how how awesome your fics are despite of you young age o.o
oorlewende: DAFUCKoorlewende on July 5th, 2012 01:48 pm (UTC)
Oh dear you've totally missed something ;) by the way I think episode 1-6 is on youtube, if you wanna see a bit of it ;) here's a link to ep 1:
Anyway, Indonesian sounds cool! Try learn it? Yeah why not ;) perhaps I can get some help from you? ;) It sounds easy so I'll give it a try :)
I haven't seen my boss my hero, well not the whole serie but I've seen parts from it and I just loved Manabe Kazuya XD he was so cute and caring :3
Hehe well Sweden's my home but I would love to go to Japan and I'm actually planing that, when I end school i'm gonna go and keep studying in Japan :) at least that's my dream ;)
To explain why I wrote unfortunately, First of all: no there's not many people who's even listens to Japanese music.
Second of all: It's not such a funny country ;P
Third of all: I just wanna leave everything here cause, well as I said to your first comment, I have my dark-days and that is only because I have a dark past here in Sweden and I wanna leave it behind me and get the hell out of here!!!
Well now you know a little more about me ;) It isn't as bad as it sounds (dark past) but yeah I've been through a lot, that's all ;)
I'm not a criminal ;) many people thinks I'am after they heard I got a dark past but I'm not ;)
Yamato Nadeshiko, Yeah I loved that drama it always made me laugh XD but I always felt so sorry for Kame's character, he's problem with his face and most of all that his mother rejected him :,( but it was a happy ending :) Yes the song Love Yourself was the first KAT-TUN song that I heard and I love it just as much when i heard it the first time :)

Yeah I'm a student at a school that focus on technical stuff, but I'm not gonna start until the 16th August ;) so right now I'm out of school and having summer vacation :) so NICE!!!!
Well I'm glad to hear that you thought I was older because of my work but as you can see I'm just one year older than you ;) but you're right in one thing I am working but just over the summer until school starts ;) how about you you must be in 9th grade? or something like that... I'm not good when it comes to school in other countries >.<
sorry for the long answer >.< I'll sen you an EXTRA BIG HUG!!!!
(Anonymous) on January 16th, 2013 03:43 pm (UTC)
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Neycchiakanekuros on February 3rd, 2013 05:49 am (UTC)
Gita-senpaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai *eh
Ufi da yo ;v;
i made an LJ account again. I don't know what should i do with my LJ ;_;
I hope you can help me to manage my LJ ;_;
GitaGitaGilagitagitagila on February 3rd, 2013 09:20 am (UTC)
Hai' hai' Ufi-chan, domo :3
I'll do my best to help u :3
Well maybe the very first thing u'd do is to verify ur account.
Then edit ur profile, especially ur interest, then try to write smth as starter.
Those're the basic needs for u to get confirmed in joining comms easily :)
I bet that your main intention is to join communities and sleech around, ne? XD #akugitusih
Isa-chan: sekushii Kokimamushi_takki on April 12th, 2013 01:40 am (UTC)
I came here because I saw a fic that you posted recently... nice to meet you, Isa-chan desu~
by the way I'm going to read it soon lol
After reading your introduce post I found you really kind! shall be friends? My ichiban is Taguchi and my OTP is JunDa hehe, but I love Koki too :3 no... I LOVE KAT-TUN! hyphen forever lol

greetings~ :)))
GitaGitaGilagitagitagila on April 13th, 2013 04:33 pm (UTC)
Hello Isa-chan~ ;)
Thanks a lot for paying a visit and commenting XD
LOL that was just a translation, actually XD I can't write fics, lol. However, please read it soon, I'm waiting for ur comment about the fic ;)
Of course we can be friend, I don't mind at all :D Wait, I'll add you :3
I love the Prince Charming too, don't worry XD
YAY HYPHEN~ *highfive*
Isa-chan: Kokunno and puppy <3mamushi_takki on April 14th, 2013 06:37 am (UTC)
haha you're welcome Gita-san :)!
lol it doesn't matter! I will! I have to find the right time to read it >< ! plus I've got a lot of fics to read ;w; but recently I tend to procrastinate things ._. lol
yay! already added you :3!
yoroshiku ne~ <3
pinkporcapinkporca on December 20th, 2013 11:52 pm (UTC)
Hello, I would like to friend you in order to no miss your new fanfiction that I read this morning. Please friend me back. If you don't want to, I would understand. Perhaps maybe you could post your fanfiction to the Johnny's Entertainment Fanfiction live journal (http://jent-fanfics.livejournal.com/). Thank you and happy holidays.
GitaGitaGila: Koki Minegitagitagila on December 21st, 2013 01:57 am (UTC)
Alright then, I'll friend you back :D
Okay, I'll post it there, thank you :)
I'm not sure when can I post the next chap though, wwwww