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19 December 2013 @ 08:02 pm
[KoKame Fanfic] The Die Is Cast ~Let's Treasure This Moment  
Months (or years?) have passed since I wrote this fic for the first time (in Indonesian). It took me months to translate it. Life sucks, as usual. (But well mostly because I'm such a lazybone as ever)

So well, here it is! I'm finally done with it wohoooo
Not sure when will I write the next chap tho, wwwwwwwwww

THE DIE IS CAST ~Let’s Treasure These Moments~

Author: GitaGitaGila
Character(s): KAT-TUN
Pairing(s): KoKame (Main), JunDa (Side Pairing)
Genre: Romance comedy, slightly angst and horror...? IDK -_-
Rating: PG-13 just to be safe.
Summary: Koki moved to a new apartement, everything seems fine, except the fact that the previous owner has just died last month.
Warning: Character death, boysxboys.
Disclaimer: Every character belongs to theirselves. I own nothing except the plot.

[First Moment: Encounter]

Koki stood quietly, stared at the silver plate written 115 on his new flat’s door. He smiled, then slowly grabbed the door knob and came in the room. “Tadaima~” he grinned happily. “Hello, new home. From now on I’ll stay here. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~” Koki bowed, greeted to particularly no one.

This place is not bad, Koki cracked a smile. It has a nice and comfortable feeling, even if still not as nice and as comfortable as his hometown, Chiba. Honestly Koki doesn’t really want to live here, far from home. It’s not like he hadn’t been living far from home, it’s just that he’s never been this far. But well, after struggling to enter Toudai for chasing his dream to be a veteranian, he has to live here.

Koki wandered around the room. This flat isn’t too small, not too big either. The simple design, dominated with white and soft yellow, this flat gave the calming feeling. In one side of the room was a big window faced the bustling yet amazing view of Tokyo.Yes, this place is amazing.

As a matter of fact, this place is actually quite strategically nice. This place is at the heart of the city, near from whatever he would need. Supermarket, train station, and others. Ah, it made Koki wondering, how this amazing and strategic place could be as cheap as a college student like him to afford.

Koki plopped down on soft cushion in front of the big window, stared at the view, and lost in his thought, isn’t this place kind of… quiet? Well the city is crammed enough, but having no other person under the same roof isn’t something Koki used to. Koki is accustomed with his lively house in Chiba, together with his 4 boisterous brothers plus his 9 sweet ‘children’. Ah, if only he’s allowed to bring along at least one of his children. Especially the spoiled Ren, who loved to cuddle in his lap.

Without all of them, this place is quite quiet. But well, it’s not that bad either. This way I could concentrate on studying, Koki thought, trying to be optimistic and slowly accepting his new environment.

Talking about new environment, Koki thought he should be going around to his new neighbors, at least to say hi. With that thought in mind, Koki stepped out of his flat, bringing along a small package of some traditional Chiba foods as a gift.

Carefully, he knocked the room next door, 116. “Excuse me....”

A vague sound of footsteps answered him. Not long after, the door was barely opened, still sealed with the safety chain. “Yes?” It was a low, gentle and sweet-sounding voice like a girl’s voice, but Koki can’t make sure whether that person is a man or a woman, since all he can see was a pair of roundish brown eyes.

“Anoo..., I’m the new occupant of room 115. I came here just want to say hi, but if you’re busy-” Koki’s words was cut by the sudden door-closing of the room’s owner, which can’t be considered polite.


What was that?! It doesn’t need to be that rude, right!? Koki was furious, pretty much pissed off.

Koki exhaled, well, then. Convincing himself that there are a lot of kinds of human, and the impolite kinds are not hard to find too. So then he finally tried to do the same to room 114.

This time was much better than before, the young owner gladly opened his door and invites him in. The man smiled, showing off his chiseled face. But even if he has a high cheekbone and a spiky hair with some brown highlight to give a manly sense, however his face is rather… gorgeous. His big round eyes, small nose and reddish full lips, everything of his face seems so beautiful, even more when he’s smiling. He’s in around the height of Koki, and when he prepared a pair of slippers for Koki, that’s when he realized even if he’s cute, his muscles are really something. Muscular and very well-built. Even though Koki always spent his time on the gym in weekends for regular practice, seems like this man is a lot more than him. Maybe he’s an athlete or something?

“Ah, I’m very sorry, my place is a little bit untidy,” he apologized, bowed slightly and flashed a grin.

Koki observed the room. Errr.... Alright, this may be more than just ‘a little bit’ untidy. This place is such a mess! A pile of papers and books scattered around the table. On that table there laid a half-closed laptop, accompanied with another pile of papers, plus an empty cup of coffee and some packs of instant noodles. In the center of the room, near a small table, there were some strings of ropes and faded white fabrics which were already brownish, complete with a set of boxing gloves. Ah, maybe he is an athlete. Or looking at those books, he can also be a college student, or maybe an office worker? Or else maybe he’s not living alone, and the one who lived with him is a college student or an office worker?

“Please sit down. Want some drinks?” The man’s words cut off Koki’s train of thought. “Ah, no, thank you,” Koki shook his head. “Do you prefer tea or coffee?” The man smiled, insisting. “Well, then, tea is enough, please.” Koki smiled back, glad to have a friendly neighbor.

After shifting a bit, Koki’s eyes followed the man to the kitchen, and his eyes caught a glimpse on some other things, a pile of scattered clothes, seems like trailing to a room. And in the end of the trail there were… underwear?

Koki’s mouth agape, astounded.

Not because he has never seen underwear before, it’s just, well, there were two underwear, much likely from 2 different people, and moreover… both were man underwear. Dumped, just like that, in front of a bedroom.

The owner of the house came back with 2 cups of warm tea and placed it on the table in front of Koki. “Here you go.” Seeing that Koki kept stunned, the man followed Koki’s gaze and… blushed furiously. “AH. I’m sorry! I’m very sorry! This must be making you feel uncomfortable.” He quickly stood up and cleared everything up.

Honestly Koki’s mind has already wandered uncontrollably, even more when suddenly a tall man came out from behind and suddenly hugged the said small man in his waist. “Morning Tacchan~ Can I request our breakfast today? I want to eat you~” He smiled, and kissed Tacchan’s ear.

At that very moment, Tacchan’s face turned into a very dark red, and Koki couldn’t blink nor talk.


Shortly, after Tacchan punched Junno in the belly and cleaned away everything with a redden face, finally they sat around in the living room.

“We’re very sorry for all the inconveniences,” Tacchan apologized, bowed and threw a death glare to Junno who was only grinning like an idiot, then continued, “I believe that we made a horrible first impression to you. We’re very sorry! Junno, you too apologize!”

“Alright~ Sorry~ I didn’t know we had a guest.” Junno apologized, even though it was more like he’s apologizing to Tacchan than to the said guest in front of him. Junno bowed slightly and stared at Koki who stared back.

That Junno guy is tall and charming. He has a pair of bright oriental eyes, pointy nose, and a firm jaw line. His feature is also ideal and appealing just like a model. And his outstanding point is his wide smile, I mean literally wide. When he smiles, his already slanting eyes will only be a curve line.

“Mm... my name is Tanaka Koki. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.” Finally Koki proceeded, trying to be casual and introduce himself.

“Uhm, I’m Ueda Tatsuya,” ‘Tacchan’ said, then glanced at Junno, “...and he’s...”

Iriguchi Deguchi Taguchi desu~!!” Junno exclaimed, he made some rapid movements using his hands like opening-closing a door. Seems like he just wanted to introduce himself using a pun which is honestly… uh, pretty lame. An awkward silence filled the room for some seconds with Koki only blinked awkwardly and Ueda massaged his forehead in frustration.

Finally Junno repeated his introduction, into a more… less abnormal way. “Taguchi Junnosuke. I’m Tacchan’s boyfriend.” He punctuated his words by slipping his arm in Ueda’s waist, earning a reflexive punch from Ueda.

Yes, I can see it, you’re pretty possessive. Even if Koki thought like that, but he only restrained himself from rolling his eyes, and only gave a wry smile instead.

Receiving another death glare from Ueda, Junno sulked, “Uuunh, Tacchan. I just want to warn him to not be too close to you since you’re already mine. And you can see this Koki-kun is rather handsome, even if he’s still not as handsome as me. But~ however I’m still worried to my Tacchan~ My Tacchan is just too perfect and angelic and blah blah blah...” Junno kept taking while Ueda said, “Please don’t mind him,” wordlessly to Koki.

Ueda exhaled slowly, his boyfriend is indeed lame, ridiculous, insensitive, embarrassing, careless, and all he can do is only grinning and simpering. Simply, he is an idiot. But somehow that’s exactly why Ueda is pretty captivated by him.

In the end, they keep chatting, and get to know each other more. Just like Koki’s speculation, Ueda is a boxer, while he studied about management and a part-timer as a host in a quite famous café. And Junno is also a university student, his major is in business, sometimes he works at his father’s company too, helping out. Well he planned to take over that company anyway. On top of those all, the surprising fact is that they’re Toudai students too.

“You too in Toudai? Great then we can ride there together!” Junno exclaimed, as if that was the most brilliant idea in the world.

Heedless with Junno, Ueda changed the topic, “Ah, Tanaka-kun, do you live alone?”

“Yes, well I do. I’m still-” Koki hadn’t done talking, but Junno cut him off.

“Ah, Koki-kun, you live there alone? Seriously?” Junno gave him an incredulous look. Koki’s row furrowed, “H-Hai’. What’s wrong?”

“Is everything there okay? Everything’s normal? Haven’t you seen any... gho-?” Before Junno could finish his sentence, Ueda’s palm covered Junno’s mouth up, making Koki being more and more confused of what’s going on.

“Ah? What’s wrong? Gho... what? Ghost?” Koki tried to clarify, and Ueda hissed, “I told you to never bring up that topic, Junno.”

Koki fixed his eyes at Ueda and Junno, asking for further explanation.

After exchanging a few glances and discussed silently eye-to-eye with Junno, finally Ueda gave up and retracted his hand from Junno’s mouth. He elbowed Junno slightly and mumbled, “You know you should not talk about that.”

Go- gomenne Tacchan~ the word slipped out. And besides, as the new owner of that room, he deserves to know, no?”

“.... So? What’s wrong with my place?” Koki asked hesitantly, he’s curious but he’s somewhat afraid of what might it be. However, curiousity kills the cat.

“Mm... actually...” Ueda started, “... Once, room number 115 occupied by a young guy named Kamenashi Kazuya.”

“... Kame...nashi... Kazuya?” Koki repeated, uttering that name carefully.

Junno nodded. “Yes. Someone you knew?”

Koki shook his head slowly, meanwhile his brain kept repeating that name. Kamenashi Kazuya. A very... beautiful name.

“Kame-kun,” Ueda continued, “was a very bright, cheerful, energetic and friendly guy.” Koki frowned with the past form Ueda used in his words, but he said nothing and listened carefully. “He always greeted us, and even he sometimes dropped by just for some nice chit-chat.”

“Yes,” Junno added, “Kame-chan also often gave us things, foods, or others. He was a very nice guy.”

Koki nodded, slowly understand where this conversation is going, “Then?”

Ueda bowed his head. “Well, unfortunately, in his young age... he... he was...” Ueda’s head bowed more. He didn’t finish his words not really intentionally, but more like he didn’t know how to say it with the right wording.

Koki waited, slowly feeling uneasy. He stared at Ueda, but since Ueda can’t continue his words, he clanced at Junno, silently pleading to not make him die of curiousity.

Junno tapped Ueda’s shoulder, and then continued what Ueda had left, “Kame-chan... has just passed away in a severe accident last month.”
Ueda finally rose up his face, and continued, “Even if people’ve tried their best to quickly send him to the hospital, but, well... yeah, ummm. They’re failed to save him.”

Somehow, knowing this story, Koki’s heart ached. His eyes heated up as if he knew this Kamenashi guy very well and saw by his own eyes every agonizing scenes of that accident. Somehow, Koki felt like he could feel the devastating agony of the death of that unknown guy.

Junno, even if people said that he’s KY, but however he could read the new heavy atmosphere. So he tried to make some jokes, trying to lighten up the situation. “Ne, Koki, rumours said that sometimes his spirit appeared in his room, you should be careful~~” He teased.

Maybe, most people will be frightened or paranoid. But somehow Koki’s unlike them, he’s not frightened, not at all. He even felt so miserable and very, very sad.

That Kamenashi guy was still younger than me, he should have had a bright future. Ah, if only there’s something I can do for him.

With that thought in mind, after asking the place of that scene to the couple, he immediately ran off, Koki’s body moved by its own, following his instinct, and suddenly he was standing motionless and panted, right in front of a small vase of flowers in the roadside. He kept staring to that withered flowers, until he grabbed some fresh flowers nearby and replace the flowers.

There was nothing special about the small vase, it was actually pretty inconspicuous, but somehow Koki could feel the sorrow out of it. The pain, the loss, the grief, everything. Koki sighed, knelt down, clapped his hands then closed his eyes.

Dear Kamenashi in the other world, I may not know you, and you may not know me. But somehow I could feel your sorrow. I hope you could let go of you sorrow and live peacefully in the heaven. Kamenashi, is there anything I could do to help you?

After a little while, Koki opened his eyes and found another person standing beside him. Koki gazed up, stared at the brunette beside him. But in the dim light of the afternoon, Koki couldn’t see him clearly, Koki could only see his small meaningful smile.

“Ah, sorry.” Koki stood up and stepped back. He didn’t even know why he said sorry, but maybe the man is Kamenashi’s acquaintance or something who wanted to pray for Kamenashi too, so Koki excused himself first and walked back to his flat.

The sky was finally dark, but however Tokyo city was still crowded as ever. Koki kept walking through the crowds with his unfocused mind. After a while, it was halfway to his flat, he could finally be focus again and slowly realized something.


He stopped, and turned his head. All he could see was the usual lively and crowded city, but somehow he felt like he was being… followed?

Koki walked again, this time slowly increasing his pace. He turned his head once in a while, and he was pretty sure that he’s being followed. By the brunette from a while ago. Koki started to be a little bit paranoid. He didn’t fear of nor believe ghost. Ghost is unreal. But honestly he was a bit scared of stalker. Because stalker is real.

Shit, am I being stalked? Did I do something wrong? Did I say something that hurt his feeling? Or maybe he misunderstood or something??Or... maybe because I’m too good-looking!?

Oh well yes, Koki’s always be like this when he’s panicking, rambling about silly and sillier things.

Maybe because I’m too good-looking, he wanted to assault me. Tch, this is the risk for being born as an ikemen. Or, maybe because I seemed like a rich guy, he followed me up to blackmail me? Aaaah, shit. Now that’s not really important. All I have to do now is quickly get into my house. Once I’m in, I’m sure I’d be perfectly safe.

Fortunately, he finally arrived at his flat not long after. Swiftly he opened the door, get in to the house, and immediately locked the door.

Koki sighed in relief. He took off his shoes, and trying to recollect his breath. “Aaah~ It’s very nice to be in home, here I’m saf-”

Koki gasped. His words cut just in time when he suddenly saw the brunette standing in front of him. Right in front of him. Inside his flat.

Koki was speechless, stuttered, his throat suddenly felt so dry. Koki breathed and swallowed hard.

The man in front of him opened his lips, “...is.”

“A- a- a-” Koki stepped backward, his body can’t stop shaking, and all these things made his flesh creep. Even more when the man stepped even closer, made Koki stumbled on his own feet and fell.

“There is.” Now the man’s voice was clearer.

The man stepped closer and closer while Koki dragged his body away, and now he could feel himself trapped between the man and the cold wall behind him.

Koki’s face turned pale when the brunette bowed, decreasing the distance between their faces. In this very close distance, somehow all Koki could see was still only his lips, smirked and said, “You asked me is there anything you could do for me. Yes, there is.” He smiled again.

Koki’s eyes wide opened, his face could never be paler than this time, and the only thing slipped from his mouth was, “HWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!”




To be continued.

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mrs_tanakamrs_koki on December 20th, 2013 04:50 am (UTC)
I love this so far <3333

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GitaGitaGila: Koki Minegitagitagila on December 21st, 2013 02:00 am (UTC)
thanks for commenting and loving this :3
I'll try my best ;)
Holiday is coming, I'll have more time to do this :)
mrs_tanakamrs_koki on December 21st, 2013 02:13 am (UTC)
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Tho,can the font size be a little bigger? That was a bit hard to read,it was that small lol
GitaGitaGila: Chibi KoDagitagitagila on December 21st, 2013 02:23 am (UTC)
Done! Thanks for notifying that :)
mrs_tanakamrs_koki on December 21st, 2013 02:32 am (UTC)
You're welcome XD
pinkporcapinkporca on December 20th, 2013 12:18 pm (UTC)
This is great! Love it. Please update soon.
GitaGitaGila: Koki Newgitagitagila on December 21st, 2013 02:01 am (UTC)
Thanks! Ganbarimasu! ;3
laksmianinditalaksmianindita on December 21st, 2013 09:27 am (UTC)
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GitaGitaGila: OMGgitagitagila on December 23rd, 2013 01:11 am (UTC)
on it! thanks for reading and commenting :3
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