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I'm Gita from Indonesia. My account name for fangirling is mostly "ayellowusagi." I'd also like to change my lj name but sadly it charges
You can find me on twitter, instagram and wattpad with @ayellowusagi ;)
Yellow is my fav color, and Usagi is... Tanaka Koki's fans. He used to call his fans as usagi :)
Koki is my all time, forever unchanging, lovely bias. I'd always follow him and support him, all I want is for him to be happy ;)

This journal is mainly for fangirling, sometimes I make fanfictions, in some other times, I share various cuts.
I love organizing so I made some indexes, mostly just to satisfy my own neat-freak needs.

I'm lurking in Johnnys' Jrs fandoms, named:

☃️ Snow Man (Sakuma💗 Iwamoto💛 Miyadate❤️)
⚜️ Prince (Kishi💜)
💎 SixTONES (Juri💙)

written specifically in order.

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And here's some quick guide of what you might find in my journal:

Jr Dex Index
Snow Man Media Appearance Index

Shokura Cuts 2018.01
Shokura Cuts 2018.02
Shokura Cuts 2018.03

Snow Man - Vanishing Over
Snow Man - VI Guys Snow Man (Full Vers)

Jesse/Kouchi - It's Just A Friend Helping (1,368 words, R)
Juri, hints of Juri/Taiga - Bittersweet Birthday (2,275 words, PG-13)

Koki/Kamenashi - Our Song, Our Promise (405 words, G)
5nin Gen - Truth or Dare, huh? (2,956 words, PG-13) (written by kiriohisagi, engtrans by me)

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Snow Man Media Appearance Index

Original index by Snow Man Memory blog
(please check out their blog it's so amazingly detailed)
I'm putting it here actually for my own tracking of which files that I've found, or which files that I've yet to download so I'm keeping all the links here. Just perhaps other Snow Man fans need it.
Please note that I'm not hotlinking, I'm just directing, so the links are directed to various communities, blogs, forums and such that maybe need a membership first.

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DramaCollapse )

Drama SPCollapse )

MV AppearancesCollapse )

Making ofCollapse )

ConcertCollapse )

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If you happen to know some links that are not included in the index, or if you know some other media that should be on the list but is not, please let me know! I'm trying to make this index as comprehensive and updated as possible.

Jr. Dex Index

Since there are still 4 episodes and I got some time before uni starts, I made this index haha.

Official website: ジャニーズJr.dex - フジテレビ
Official twitter: 【公式】ジャニーズJr.dex

Basic episode and download guide

Eps Airing Date Participants Raw Soft sub Hard sub
01 2017.10.21 Mr. KING
kinpuri - -
02 2017.11.11 Mr. KING + HiHi BShounen
Prince + Love-tune
kinpuri - -
03 2017.12.02 Mr. KING + Travis Japan
Prince + Snow Man
Snow Man FB Page
- -
04 2018.01.13 Mr. KING + Snow Man
Prince + SixTONES
Snow Man FB Page
Eien-no-Aidoru Eien-no-Aidoru
05 2018.02.03 Mr. KING + HiHi BShounen
Prince + SixTONES
kinpuri - -
06 2018.03.03 Mr. KING + Tokyo BShounen / Snow Man / Love-tune/ MADE
Prince + HiHi Jet / SixTONES / Travis Japan / UchuuSix
R4U-fansub - -

If you find another update outside what I mentioned, please let me know ^^ I'm trying to make this index as comprehensive as possible!

Shokura Cuts 2018.01

Lately I've been asked by a friend to share the cuts of Shounen Club. Since a lot of files are now already in my Mega account so I thought I might just share it here, in case someone else want to get the cut but not wanting to download the full show.

I always got the full show from shokura then cut it myself based on my own preferences of what to keep. I'm highly biased to Snow Man, Prince, SixTONES and sometimes Sexy Zone, so it's mostly just them. The resolutions of the videos also varies a lot. But it usually goes like this:
- Snow Man vids in HD, either 720p or even 1080p
- Prince and SixTONES perf in either 720p or 576p
- The rest in 480p
Yes, you can see I'm that biased, sorry.
Not all the time though. But that mostly it.

Let's just dive in to the cuts~ Pardon me I might add a little comment here and there lmao
Again, a disclaimer:
Full show: shokura

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2018.01.12Collapse )

NO HOTLINKING. And please comment for taking! <3
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[Lyrics] Snow Man - Vanishing Over

I'm currently on a 15-hour-long train ride, I was bored to death then decided to write down the lyrics of latest Snow Man song that was performed last week, Vanishing Over
I loooove this song. I always had a thing for rock-ish song so yeah, I just can't help it. Especially with all the close up shoot in the perf omg. And that ending. Just. Perfect.

Well, without further ado let's proceed to the lyrics. Pardon me and do tell me if you found any mistakes.
I might want to write all the lyrics of Snow Man's songs and translate them in the future but for now, here is the lyrics.

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[Drabble Songfic] Our Song, Our Promise


Title: Our Song, Our Promise
Pairing/Characters: Past KoKame, Yamapi
Rating: Gen
Warnings: Wrote in a rush of moment while listening to the song, pardon for any mistakes and weird parts here and there
Word Count: 405
Notes: Songfic based on Rei Yasuda - Kimi no Uta. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdc-hqT_Unw
Challenged by a friend in facebook.
and KoKame will always be my OTP

Summary: The recent infamous news of Koki doesn't really affect Kame. Because he believes.

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